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tri krillWhy is our Tri-KRILL™ formula better than the rest?

What sets Tri-KRILL apart from any other krill oil supplements on the market today? 6 mg. of astaxanthin per 500mg capsule and the benefit of AstaREAL®, the richest natural source of astaxanthin.

Our NWC Naturals® professional formulas are backed by years of science.

Tri-KRILL has an extract of Krill sourced directly from the Antarctic.

The Tri-KRILL™ blend which combines the power of krill phospholipids with astaxanthin. This makes TRI-KRILL™ the highest content of astaxanthin you can get in a krill oil supplement.

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best krill oilBenefits from using plain Krill Oil

best krill oilSuperior source of Omega 3 fatty acids

best krill oilKrill oil from the pristine Antarctic

best krill oilThe power of krill phospholipids

best krill oilNo fishy burps or after taste! Highly bio-available

best krill oilA powerful, natural, biological antioxidant from the sea

best krill oilA heart smart supplement


Benefits from using Tri-KRILL™

best krill oilOur Formulas are always of the highest quality

best krill oilMade in a factory that is GMP certified

best krill oilBenefits of AstaREAL®, the richest natural source of astaxanthin

best krill oilNWC Naturals® professional formulas are backed by years of science

best krill oilContains 6 mg. of astaxanthin per 500mg Liqui-Krill™ capsule more than any other

best krill oil3X formula better than the rest

Patented process Lipid Fusion Capsule Technology™:

best krill oilWhat is it? It is a two piece veggie capsule specially designed for a secure leak-proof and airtight product! This is the most cutting edge technology for product integrity. Its unique look, “bubble in the capsule” stands for quality and stability.

We are the first to put this patented process Lipid Fusion Capsule Technology™ with an advanced krill formula.

The one-piece capsule cannot be opened because it is sealed for freshness. This is part of our sealing technology.

Stability is another advantage of the Liqui-Krill™ delivery system over old-fashioned animal-based gelatin soft gels.

The Liqui-Krill™ delivery system controls odor and leakage effectively, and it won’t melt like gelatin, which is a big plus to consumers living in hot or humid climates.

You will notice a “small bubble inside” the Liqui-Krill™ capsule. We fill that bubble with nitrogen gas to purge and eliminate oxygen, making oxidation a non-issue. That makes the Tri-Krill™ oil inside remarkably more stable.

The best choice for your health is Tri-KRILL™

Antarctic krill are among the largest of the 85 known krill species and can live up to 10 years.

Krill oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is the main reason it’s a popular nutritional supplement.

best krill oilTri-KRILL™ 3x formula with AstaREAL® supports:

best krill oilHealthy liver function

best krill oilBoost your immune system

best krill oilHealthy joints, increase in joint comfort

best krill oilNormalizing inflammation, muscle recovery

best krill oilHelps support healthy cholesterol levels

best krill oilAttention, focus, memory, and even muscle function

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